I have reflected on the dynamic between God’s will for man and God’s interaction in the affairs of man; I have done this for years. In my reading this morning (Genesis 16-17), I reflected even more on the interval of 13 years between Abram’s actions with Hagar and the Lord’s interaction with Abram at the age of 99. Genesis 12-16 encompass about 10-12 years of unmentioned history associated with Abram and his family. Between chapters 16 and 17, there is another 13 years. In roughly 25 years Abram was given a promise of land (chapter 12), a promise of heritage (chapter 15), a blessing in the Lord’s protection and recovery (chapter 14), and he experienced disunity in the family (chapter 16). As far as the Record is concerned, not much is given with regard to family life. However, there was much expectation that God had of Abram. How much more is expected of us when we reflect on what we have been given?