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We live in a world that has no objective moral compass. By the word “objective” I mean a moral compass that says there is such a thing as right and wrong—and that there is always such a thing that is right or wrong. For instance, from the Lord’s perspective it is always wrong to murder; this is seen as far back as Genesis 4, and reaffirmed in Genesis 9 (to say nothing of passages after these two). Moreover, there is something that is always right, such as obeying the Lord.

We live in a society that hardly recognizes the Lord even exists! If there is a recognition there is hardly any acknowledgement of Him, and even more so His Word. This failure has brought us to this point wherein we, as a society, have no real idea about what is right or wrong.

In one area of life that is ever so confusing is that area of marriage. When the Lord established His institution in the Garden of Eden, He set forth the guidelines pertaining to it. The Lord Jesus had to address this matter on more than one occasion while He walked on this earth. For instance, in Matthew 19, the religious leaders actually sought to entrap the Lord in a moral/spiritual/legal trap (Matthew 19:3-9). This was recognized rather quickly by Jesus and He addressed their effort by taking them back to what was firmly established in the Garden a long time ago. Those who compromise that, the Lord said, have greater problems than is realized.

Marriage is God’s ordained institution that is the bedrock of the community. When that bedrock is compromised, then the moral force undergirding it becomes weakened in a person’s life. In other words, if one refuses to accept what the Lord said on that topic, how much more will there be a refusal with regard to what he has said on other topics? We have no idea how serious these matters are, and when we learn, it might very well be on Judgment Day. It will be too late!