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With regard to that which Ireland recently did, that is, passed a law that allows homosexual marriage (A-6, 5.24.2015) there are some things that can be said about that. First, the island is predominantly Catholic, and since the influence of the Catholic Church is of some note, it must be the case that their influence in this realm failed. Second, homosexual marriage is the different side of the same coin that also includes the intimate union of heterosexual relationships of unmarried people. Third, there is no possible way for same-sex unions to perpetuate human existence. Fourth, closely following the third point, same-sex unions are completely unnatural. Fifth, and last, same-sex unions are immoral. The last four of the five points proffered are incontrovertible in truth; they can be easily sustained in debate.

The Lord’s influence, though rejected by society (including Ireland’s), will not be rejected when He calls to account the life people have chosen to live. We will all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. Some choose not to be prepared.

Submitted 5.26.2015 to the Decatur Herald & Review