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A remarkable sentiment when one thinks about it. In Exodus 14:12, many of the people of Israel expressed just such a thought. “Let us alone!” they said. “Why did you not leave us be in Egypt?” Given all that they experienced how could they make such a remark, or ask such a question? It has everything to do with where the heart is. Consider for a moment your routine. When you awake in the morning there is a particular routine that you engage as the events of the day start for you. I have my routine I am faithful to, and to get out of my routine is not easily or pleasantly done. When that routine is interrupted there is a bit of aggravation (Some people are more flexible and less likely to be aggravated). In a much more serious vein, some of the children of Israel had their routine and had little desire to upset that routine, especially when they saw the army of Egypt knocking on their back door. The life we choose to live is a life that becomes comfortable. When aspects of that life is altered or upset our irritations arise. Under no condition should you ever say to the Lord (by word, thought, or action), “Leave me be!”