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How pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity (Psalm 133:1). This is a very difficult thing to accomplish, but one that can be met. It can only be met, however, if there exists within the heart of each saint the heart of a servant. In a close nit family there will exist some variation of opinions amongst those who have the strongest of ties between themselves. Within the “walls” of the Lord’s house, there will exist differences of opinions also. Yet, with these differences that exist in one’s physical family and with those in God’s spiritual family, how can there be unity?

Here is an old saying that many people live by: “blood is thicker than water.” What this saying means is that when it comes to one’s “blood relatives,” there is no water of religion (baptism) that can interfere or get in the way of one’s family relationship. Of course, this is not necessarily true in all cases, but it conveys a point that can’t be missed. For those who adopt this unity, unity (or protection) is at its best when harm is coming from those not part of the family.

In God’s family, the unity that is to exist will not be based on one’s physical family principles, but on the Lord’s principle. In Psalm 127:1, the Scripture reads, “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it…” The meaning of this phrase is this: if the Lord does not build the structure that protects, there will be no structure to protect. Thus, the arsenal of Satan can easily hit exposed targets.

The saying, then, that blood is thicker than water is an adage that is empty of substance before the Lord. To the Lord and, therefore, to God’s servants, unity is important, but that unity must be based on God’s word, and not matters of the physical family. The way for unity between people who belong to God is for those people to live by the Galatians 2:20. Do you understand and live by what Paul said? Those who love the Lord do!