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The sin of Nadab and Abihu is one of those accounts in Scripture that is reasonably well known. It is well known because to the Lord these two men (priests) offered to the Holy One of Israel something that was not authorized by Him. Consequently, the Lord expressed His displeasure by consuming them rather than the offering of the sacrifice as originally designed (Leviticus 9:18-10:2). What is sometimes overlooked in this is the exhortation by the Lord to Israel is that for those who come before the Lord (that is, they come before Him to worship, especially those who are leading), they are to live an expression of a holy life (Leviticus 10:3). The application of this to our day is not to be overlooked. When we stand before the Lord offering to Him our worship, are we living the holy life demanded by the Lord (1 Peter 1:13-16)? If not, then though we are alive physically, it is certainly the case the Lord’s fire will consume us spiritually; it is just waiting to be applied!