In Jeremiah 42 there were those who asked of the prophet Jeremiah to appeal to the Lord on their behalf. They said to Jeremiah they would do whatever the Lord said, whether it is good or bad (that is, whether it was disagreeable or not). Ten days came, and Jeremiah returned with an answer. The answer of the Lord, however, was not the answered desired by those who asked Jeremiah to pray for them. Rather, as Jeremiah said, they were nothing but hypocrites (Jeremiah 42:20). There are many today in the Lord’s church guilty of the exact same thing. In other words, there are preachers and elders who will change the word of the Lord, altering the plain teaching of the Lord to comport to the desires of the community. This includes allowing women to preach and lead in the public assembly (when the Lord expressly said not), and these servants of Satan justify this by saying they restudied and appealed to the Lord for guidance. The guidance they appealed to was their own counsel, and not anything of the Lord!