It is almost a commonly accepted truth that when one suffers that suffering is the direct result of one’s personal failings. Even the most educated person in the Scripture can give in to this way of thinking. Yet, Jesus said this was not necessarily the case. In Luke 13:3-5, He addressed this very point in a commonly held opinion of the people during that time. While, it may be true that some people suffer worse things because they are really egregious in their sins, on the other hand, it might very well be the case that one’s suffering is the result of one’s loyalty to the Lord. How can one tell the difference? By personal application of course. Think about it. If you know of a wrong you did, or doing, then there is a result that comes from that. This result may be the Lord’s working in your life to get you to stop and think. If, however, you are living righteously, then the Lord will be most interested in holding your arms up to endure the trial. In both cases, is the Lord working in your life?