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When it comes to a person’s good health, to neglect one’s health turns the good into that which is not so good. For instance, a person might feel very fit for an upcoming excursion, but if that fit person begins to eat food that is counter-productive to giving the body necessary nutrients for the excursion, then the body, in time, will begin to have difficulty accomplishing what it set out to accomplish. This was the way it was for the children of Israel as they went into the land of promise. Four times (Joshua 13:13; 15:63; 16:10 and 18:12) the Scriptures speaks of the Israelites not driving out the inhabitants of a land the Lord already gave them. Why could they not do this? Perhaps the answer is found in 18:3, when Joshua called upon the remaining 7 tribes, asking them “How long will you neglect to go in and possess the land….” Because the Israelites fatigued, they accepted less than that which the Lord gave them. Let us always be vigilant with regard to fatigue, when fatigue arrives, neglect quickly follows.