It is a most unfortunate thing when people fail to learn the history of this great nation. Because there has been such a great failure, there is a certainty that for people who don’t learn, a repetition follows of the same failures. Not only does this apply to a nation’s history, but this also applies to a person’s spiritual history.

In 1 Samuel 15, the Lord told King Saul to go and destroy the Amalekites. Saul sets himself toward that end. He, however, allowed others (others who refused to learn from their national history) to influence him (the nation’s leader) to follow a path that ended up with the nation’s king receiving a significant rebuke from the Lord.

Why are such things as this a problem for people? Not only is it a failure to learn from past mistakes, but it is also a failure to learn from the Lord. Fortunately, the Lord teaches us by His mercy in letting us learn from our mistakes—if we only would! If Israel’s king would have faithfully executed the Lord’s will, much would have been different. King Saul, however, did not.

Sadly, as the prophet Samuel came to him, he had convinced himself that he very much did do the Lord’s will (1 Samuel 15:13), but the Lord’s prophet exposed the delusion that Saul was operating under (15:14-16). Saul attempted to justify himself, but Samuel made it clear that the king’s failing was in his willful response, a point of evil, to the Lord (15:19).

Well over two hundred years ago, about one-third of the people in this land judged the actions of the British government as a wrong, yea, an evil. Because they so judged, they took a stand, declaring their independence from the burdens placed upon them. Those who have identified themselves as belonging to God also need to take a stand. Have you declared your independence from the hold Satan forces upon you?