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Fear is directly related to the unknown. For King Saul, he feared David when he took note of how well David carried himself in his service to the king. Saul, of course, had no reason to fear David, but because he attributed to David a desire to take his authority away from him (18:8), he wanted to “pin David to the wall” (18:11). A great many times it is this way in our own lives. We do not know what lurks around the corner so we are frightened by what we don’t see. It does not matter that around the corner exists nothing but empty space, it is our attributing some existence of a monster (so to speak) that almost freezes us into inaction. Saul was not frozen into inaction, he was stimulated into irrational action (18:11, 15). The biggest obstacle to fear is the lack of knowledge. My brethren, let us not be fearful, but let us learn from the Lord His way of holiness and live the life of One who overcame fear (2 Timothy 1:10).