From a biblical perspective or, to say it differently, from God’s perspective, in the home there is a husband and there is a wife. This is both a family and a home. To this home are born children. In this family the wife is to love her husband and be in subjection to him as he leads his family in the godly way of life. She is to care for her husband, her children and the home (Titus 2:4). The husband is to prioritize life for himself and his family with the first priority being God! After this, the husband is to love his wife, and look upon her as being greater than him; he is to care for her, tending to her needs (1 Peter 3:7). Many of us, and I am included in this, look upon our respective wife’s as being the “better half.”

Those with a moral code not of God, but subjective in origin, look upon all of the above as being outdated and much too patriarchal! In this progressive society, surely we have learned (it is asserted) that any woman can do (and should do) just as a man does. If a husband can have a career, then the wife should be able to do the same. The consequence of such a way of thinking, potentially, is that the family now becomes confused concerning what is the proper priority in life. Is it God, or is it a career?

When there is confusion, then tragic consequences result. Sometime before their divorce, Melissa Lambert said, “After the win, Lambert told reporters that while their careers make it difficult to spend time together, it’s ‘moments like this together…that actually count.’ She continued that their marriage is more important than career highs.”

This remark reflects confusion regarding roles, priorities and God. This confusion concerning roles, priorities and God was not the exclusive problem of Melissa Lambert, but it also included her former husband Blake Shelton.

What went wrong? Perhaps a number of things can be identified as contributing to the marriage failing. I suggest, however, there is a foundation of three that undergirds the failing of their marriage. They are priorities, roles and God.

In our society that has rejected God and elevated self to reign as supreme lord of life – this society has done nothing but left the alternative moral code of hedonism to rest as the norm.

A family, from God’s perspective, is not two people of the same sex married; neither is it a male and a female forgetting what is important in life by choosing themselves over the other. From the perspective of society anything can be a family, and as one breaks down that only means that it is time to start another.

This is one of many reasons why society rejects God. A secular society has no time and will give no room for God’s standards in shaping the family.