Who in their right mind would throw off the sacred for a bowl of food? More people are guilty of this than is realized. We know of Esau doing this (Genesis 25:29-34), but if the “fly on the wall” were able to identify all who are guilty of the same…perhaps it would be easier to identify the ones who are not guilty of the same (the number would be small). The bowl of food in Genesis was an actual event in Esau’s life, but it becomes a metaphor for us today. The great adversary (Satan) has but a small contract for each of us to sign. He promotes these contracts as if they are but little matters in life, perhaps a small sting, but nothing of a serious nature. Then, as life progresses, we keep noticing the small contracts before us, and before we realize it the small contracts have piled up to such a level that when the promised reward, the responsibility given us (placed before us) comes due, the door to that new life is shut and locked! This was Esau’s experience (Genesis 27:31-46), and it will be ours also when we give up the sacred for but a moments pleasure of sin.