What is the value of life for one with a violent criminal record? It is worth a $75,000 bond! A terribly misguided young man assaults a woman for, it appears, nothing that she did wrong!

A man who beats a woman is a useless human being! He not only has anger issues, control issues, but also morality and love issues. He can’t control his anger, he does not know what is right, or is confused about what is right. His confusion regarding what is right is the consequence of having only his own subjective moral code by which to operate.

In a secular society like our own wherein we know next to nothing about an objective moral code, the young confused Reginald Pritchett (Herald-Review, A-5, 8.21.2015) followed nothing but that which he thought was right. Society, however, promotes moral subjectivism and rejects it at the same time.

Moral subjectivism is only an opinion! Since society is confused about why something is right or wrong, confusion and devaluing is a norm.

The young man is not only confused about what is right, he is also confused about what love is. Love from society’s perspective is hedonistic and selfish. Love from God’s perspective is giving to another that which is best. What is best? That which comes from God!

(Letter to editor, 8.24.2015, to the Decatur Herald-Review)