In Hebrews, the Holy Spirit gave an exhortation that is important for each of us to hear and remember. Let us therefore strive to enter that rest, so that no one may fall by the same sort of disobedience (Hebrews 4:11, ESV). The first portion of the verse in the NKJV reads, “Let us therefore be diligent…” In modern English the word “diligent” does not convey in meaning what it once did, but the ESV word “strive” does. With much effort (Philippians 2:12) each Christian is to seek to make application to God’s word and, in so doing, allowing that Word to cut us open and expose us for what we are (4:12). If we allow that to occur in our lives, then the opportunity for us to address our failings by coming to the Lord is great. On the other hand, if we fail to apply as we should, then the Lord’s Word will do the same to us, only this time exposing us to shame. The shame, however, is not merely embarrassment before others, but judgment before God (4:13)! RT