In 1 John 3:1, the Lord’s apostle calls our attention to the “manner of love” bestowed on Christians. In fact, he wants us to consider it thoroughly.  Exactly what is this “manner of love” bestowed on us? It is that we, those who are saved by the blood of Christ, are children of God. What is so significant about this descriptive term? This is what John wants us think on when he uses the (NKJV) word “Behold.” We are to think about, reflect on it. When we do so, then what God did for us through Jesus begins to resonate in us in a way unlike before. The word “manner” is better understood as “lavish” (Smalley), but the literal meaning of the Greek word (potapeen) is “of what country.” Thus, God’s love for us was so great that by being called His children, we are no longer of this world, but of a different world (country). Since we are citizens of a “different country” let us not live with a “dual citizenship” status.