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            But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up (Matthew 15:13, KJV).

In today’s religious environment this is much that is interpreted as intolerant.

“Jesus was a bigot, and this just needs to be stated plainly!”

Can’t you hear it now from those who express their “religiously-devoted-love” for God? Those who condemn the Lord in so many words really understand nothing about the consequences of such a sentiment!

Sadly, there are many in the Lord’s church who look upon the words of Jesus with squeamish eyes and wonder if Jesus meant something other than what is obvious in the text. Some express themselves cautiously hoping for this to be the case.

Because of outright rejection and because of a tamping down of the force of the words, both might be unaware of the fact they will be a part of those who are rooted up.

Getting back to the Bible is an honorable endeavor, but it is also a trying matter. Going back to the Bible puts emphasis on God and His way of righteousness. It is quite trying because there are untold numbers of people who resist at every turn. For instance, in the New Testament we learn that on the first day of each week the Christians in the first century had communion with the Lord in the Lord’s Supper. To speak of this as the norm or pattern for the local church is to incur the wrath and resistance of those who say, “It can be done whenever!”

“It just can’t be that way,” we are told! In their desire to accentuate their spirituality, they move away from what the Scripture’s exemplify, saying their good intentions and spirituality are enough for God to accept them.

When the Father “planted” me in His kingdom, He, in essence, told me that I belong to myself no more, but I belong to Him (Galatians 2:20).

“I am mine no more.”