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To this point, Romans 1-4, we have learned that not only are the Gentiles (non-Jews) guilty of sin, but also the Jews are guilty of the same. The significance of the Law of Moses was to point this out (3:20), but also to speak of justification apart from the Law. The standard example of justification is seen in Abraham. Just as Abraham was justified, those who respond in faith as Abraham did will have the peace that he had. This peace is not peace from the world’s perspective or afflictions, but peace between God and the individual who responded in faith. Along with this peace there is hope (5:5). The significance of what God did in Christ is seen in His having done so even while man was living in rebellion to his Creator. Sin entered the world through disobedience; the result of that sin brought death into the realm of the natural world. Since that time man has been plagued with the burden that death brings. On the other hand, with the actions of Jesus He brought life into the physical realm, that is, spiritual life. Thus, those who respond to God in faith are the recipients of that life. The contrast is before us: to get out of the realm of the physical and into the realm of the spiritual, that is, heavenly, one responds to God in faith. RT