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The local church is a body of individual believers. Those who have been baptized into the Lord Jesus for the forgiveness of sins stand in a saving relationship with the Lord God. This saving relationship is a relationship that one is NOT to keep to him or herself, but is to take into the world and teach it to others. The reason for this is obvious.

On the other hand, there are those who will allow that relationship to die with them; they simply won’t take this message to others because, for one reason or another, they don’t want to. It can be said that those who express love to the Lord and refuse to do this have more love in their minds than in their feet and actions! The Scripture speaks to those who have a disconnected love like this…..

In the book of Judges, there was a generation who loved the Lord greatly, demonstrating this love in many ways, but one among them was in teaching the following generation the importance of love and obedience to the Lord. The third generation, however, never got the same message. Perhaps it was because they were not taught; maybe it was because they were taught but they did not allow the teaching to take root. Whatever it was, the Scripture says, they chose “not to know the Lord” (Judges 2:10). I suspect there is little doubt that some made a conscious choice to refuse the Lord’s way, but knowing the nature of people (and it really changes not), the likelihood of the older generation not teaching the younger generation like they should have been taught, that is, the love and severity of the Lord is even greater.

This is a constant reminder to each of us in this current generation. If we do not teach, and by teach I mean, if we do not take the time to inculcate the youth with the love and severity of the Lord, then the servants of Satan will gather hold of them quickly. Let us the love of God in our minds connect to the love of God in a feet and let us be a people of action, work, and teaching. RT