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The power of sin brings death to each individual in this world. How can one, then, get out from underneath this burden of sin and death? In Romans 6 Paul addresses this point further than he did in Romans 4 with regard to Abraham. These words are written to Christians, that is, they were written to men and women who already had been immersed into Jesus for the forgiveness of sins – thus, they were saved by faith. Yet, there was a failure to understand the significance of the Law of Moses (5:20) in salvation. While grace is much more powerful than the law, that does not give one the privilege of sinning even one time in order that the power of grace can be shown, known, felt, or understood in its greatness! To live in sin (the practice of sin as a habit is Paul’s point) is actually to be in bondage to slavery that can do nothing but destroy. Jesus, however, came to release man from this bondage to slavery and because He died to sin (that is, He chose to not be controlled by it, not even one time) each one who has been united to Him in baptism (immersion) has also died to sin and been resurrected to a new life. All of this, Paul said, really has to do with who it is that we want to obey. If we want to obey the sinful activity of this world, then let us understand that it leads to spiritual death. On the other hand, if we want to obey God, then the life He promises us is ours, that is, our spiritual life (6:16-17).  RT