For some people saying “I am sorry” is terribly difficult. Some of these people are preachers and elders, but most are not. Why is it so hard? For a great man people it is because there is resistance to the utterance of the exclamation, even if within they know it is necessary to say. To compensate for this failing (and they know it is a failing) they try to do good in some other way to mitigate the hardness of the feeling that prevents them from saying it and to assuage the feelings of the one to whom they need to say it.

Perhaps, in part, this is why God’s hardest command is repentance.

If it is easy to say, “I am sorry” to the Lord God, then can you think of a good reason why it is not easy to say the same to a brother or sister? I can’t either. Of course, there are reasons given, but none of them are good. I know about that which I speak. I had to learn it myself, and since I have, it is much easier to approach the Lord. With my approach to the Lord being easier, and with His acceptance promised and given, my approach to the brethren should be the same.

Saying “I’m sorry” is an admittance of wrong, guilt. Don’t preface the apology with “If,” as if that will help anything – for the other heard it loud and clear. Imagine how it sounds. “Lord, if I have sinned against you, I am sorry. Please forgive me.”

Try that with the Lord and see if He accepts it RT