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What is your legacy? Your legacy, to your children and to your grandchildren will be in that which you leave behind when your life is over. What did you prepare to leave behind? In 2 Kings 17:21, the legacy of one of Israel’s Kings is that “he drove Israel away from following the Lord.” That which he did (1 Kings 12:25-33) was out of fear and a lack of faith. To him, the Lord’s way was an old an ineffective way so he altered it and make a new way.

If your legacy is anything less than faithfulness to the Lord then the legacy you leave is inadequate. My wife and I really have not much at all, but that which we have (our commitment to the Lord and His way) is that which we want our children and grandchildren to have. It won’t buy them an extra ticket to the football game, but it may preserve them when the football game is over.

Jeroboam had the Lord on his side, but because of fear and little faith, the Lord was set to the side and his own way held sway. Not much of a legacy! RT