At CBI earlier in the month, brother Dan Winkler said the following: “I did that to that man.” It was this repeated phrase in his lesson/sermon that stayed with me (Matthew 27:26-31). Thus, I wrote it down in order to write a few words on this. The following are some thoughts along that line.

It was on a significant occasion that Jesus stood before Pilate having injustice rendered to and against Him because of the outlandish disposition of the “religious” people of His day. How can (could) anyone treat another so violently then kill such an innocent man? Because of sin, even my sin. Jesus went through that which He did because of His love for all. How did they treat Him?

First, they scourged Him. This word means they beat Him with a whip. His back (skin) was exposed and He was lashed; there was no limitation to the number of lashes He could or did receive. It was not unusual for there to be some shards or bone chip at the end of the whip strips to add a little extra pain!

Second, they stripped Him. This was a point of humiliation. It is not uncommon to see images of Jesus standing before the authorities with no clothes from the waist up. This, however, may not have been entirely the case. A number of expositor’s write that Jesus was completely naked, then clothed with the royal garment for humiliation, doubly so.

Third, they spat on Him. This is in accord with the humiliation of the previous point. It is an action of complete contempt. Try to imagine the disgusting scene. Jesus stood in the midst of people opposed to Him because of what He stood for. As they spat at Him, some of those who spat was able to have it land on Him, even (possibly) His face. He could do what? Wipe it away, maybe?

Fourth, they struck and scoffed (mock) at Him. He was beaten, naked, dripping with spittle, and now He is mocked with a crown that did nothing but tear the flesh; in His right hand was a reed that was supposed, I presume, to be similar to the “rod of God” that Moses used many years previous to this occasion (Exodus 4:20). This scoffing was not only against Jesus, but it was against all that He stood for, including Moses, the prophets and even God Almighty.

As the picture is painted and, as one allows the rage inside to seethe, it is a good reminder that Jesus did this for me. In fact, “I did this to Him.” RT