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In Mark 1, there is a word that comes up a great number of times. It is the English word “straightway.” If I counted correctly, it appears 11 times (1:10, 12, 18, 20, 21, 23, 28, 29, 30, 42, 43). It is used in relation to Jesus’ baptism, Jesus being driven into the wilderness, Jesus’ calling of Simon and Andrew, the Lord’s entrance into a synagogue to teach, the fame of Jesus and the cleansing of a man with leprosy. The word “straightway” comes from a Greek word (euthys) that essentially means “immediately” or “at once.” In the NKJV, the word “straightway” is not used; rather the word “immediately” is used. “Straightway” is the word used in the ASV (American Standard Version). In the NKJV, however, “immediately” is only used 8 times, and not the 11 times of “straightway” (the same verses above except 1:23, 29, 30). The NKJV used some other words to translate the Greek word, such as “as soon as” and “at once.” It is clear that Mark wants us to understand something significant in his use of this word (euthys). What is it? That Jesus was a man with a purpose and mission; the events in His life were addressed quickly, and people responded quickly. What word would an author use in connection with your life? RT