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When I was at CBI in November, Kirk Brothers reminded us that when Jesus was confronted by those who stood in opposition to Him, He did not back down, but stood for the truth. When Jesus was interrupted by those who tore up a roof to see Him, He made the occasion not a matter of aggravation, but an occasion to see in the action the good in the one who presented himself to Him. Jesus made a difference with but a few (though He preached to the many), and it was those few who made the difference with the thousands. It is good to be reminded of such things. Confrontation is not easy and, sometimes, quite hard. Nevertheless, it was (and is) something the godly face continually. Rather than allowing it to be discouraging, think of the positives when standing firm on God’s word. When there is an interruption in life, is your aggravation lashed out on the one who interrupts? Turn that which can be interpreted as a negative into something positive. Perhaps that positive response can change another’s day toward the good. The few in life you can influence for good can change many more. RT