In my “neck of the woods” racism is not a problem. While the majority of the population is white, in so far as I have interacted with the people I normally do, racism is not a problem. If it were, at the very least something would come out of the mouths of some of these people that I interact with that would betray their particular ailments of the heart.

Racism is a problem in the heart of any person, black, white, Latino, etc., when the heart is corrupted. In Genesis 6 (6:6, 12), the Lord looked upon the people of Noah’s day and grieved because the inclination of man’s heart was only evil continually. It was no better during the days of the prophet Jeremiah, when the Lord’s prophet wrote that man’s heart is corrupted to the point that really no man can know it (17:9). If thi was the case with people who had some degree of religion, shall we expect something different today in secular society?

Racism is a problem in the heart of white people if their learning of African-American people only comes from the bad news on television or in print. If, also, they have learned by experience that some in the black community are vile in their thinking and doing – then perhaps the view of black people by some white folk is understandable. Understandable, but not warranted. Do these same people look upon their own ethnicity and blanket-judge the white community? If so, then the problem is not racism, but just a distorted view of people in general.

Just as there are a great many people in the black community that are virtuous and giving, there are the same in the white community.

Racism is a problem for black people not only because of the same reasons above, but also because there are some who stoke the flame of victimization within the black community, encouraging others to think in a particular way.

Racism is an evil. It is evil because it is contrary to the Lord’s “golden rule” in Matthew 7:12. It is evil because it is contrary to the Lord’s standard of human response toward other people (Matthew 22:34-40). It is an evil that needs to be eradicated. But how?

There is nothing that can originate in the heart of man that will benefit the community to rid itself of such evils (look at the passages above to see why). There is NO standard greater than that which the Lord put in play a long time ago.

Racism is not a white problem; neither is it a black problem. It is a people (heart) problem.

This is the view of one.