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To blaspheme the Holy Spirit, what does one have to do? Looking at Matthew 12:32, to answer this question one needs to look at the entirety of the context. First, the religious leaders questioned the authority of Jesus in His healing a man possessed of demons. Jesus, in turn, questioned their logic and their theology (12:25-30). After questioning them, he concluded with the now famous words, “…whoever speaks a word against the Holy Spirit” it will not be forgiven him, in this age or in the next (12:32). In my estimation, Jesus gives explanation to what He meant in the following verses (12:33-37). From the heart comes fruit. That fruit is either good or bad. If the heart is good, that is, if the Lord has been set on the throne of the heart (cf. 1 Peter 3:15; Col. 3:16), then what comes from the heart will be that which reflects the Lord’s will in obedience. On the other hand, that which is bad is evil (in a heavenly/spiritual context); it’s as if one lived in the midst of snakes. From the heart comes only that which is bad and, consequently, it is a speaking against the Holy Spirit and His mission, thus not obeying Him. In a Christian era context, one can still be guilty! RT