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When a man’s ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him (Proverbs 16:7, KJV). As a proverb, we can understand the truth of this easily enough, but as an absolute truth, we are reminded of the experiences of the Lord Jesus. Clearly, if there ever was a righteous human being on this earth, it was the Son of God. What did He do that resulted in Him having to suffer? There are many things to say, but only this will I write. He exemplified the righteous standard of God, and there were a great many who felt threatened. Consequently, they fabricated a need to eradicate the threat (John 11:49-53). Thus, our example is always before us speaking loudly. On the other hand, though many felt threatened by Jesus’s words, it happens to be His words that encourages us and teaches us to be a light unto the world. The life we are to live is to be a light that “re-blazes” the path Jesus walked. With this kind of life lived, the Lord God promised (and promises) to be on His holy one’s side. This kind of life residing in a person’s heart teaches kindness, love, forgiveness, and truth radiates out from that which sits deep within. How can one be an enemy of this kind of person? No reasonable person can or will be. Then, again, no reasonable person every killed anyone either! RT