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When a preacher speaks about things like salvation, the nature of the God’s church, morality, etc., receiving resistance is expected. It might be disappointing, but it is expected. This is why he must continually take inventory of himself with regard to where he is at in relationship to the Lord. If he is with the Lord, he will continue on. If he begins to waffle because the outside pressure is great, then his relationship with the Lord is adversely affected. The Lord called on Jeremiah to think about such things; the struggle Jeremiah had was great, and it was only going to get worse (Jeremiah 12:1-6). The prophet Amos is another man who was feeling outside pressure. In fact, the pressure was so great the religious leader of the community was telling him to go somewhere else and preach! As far as the critical priest was concerned, the prophet Amos needed to get his sustenance from another source than the people to whom he preached (Amos 7:10-17). The Lord did not take well to these remarks leveled against Amos, and the priest had his hope taken away! Whether or not you are a preacher, the outside pressure can be difficult to bear up under occasionally. There is no easy solution for one to apply to get through it. There is a solution: 1 Corinthians 15:58. Take a moment to read it. RT