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Strong personalities get attention. Many times this attention is not a good thing. So strong is their personality that with volume, emphasis or even physical presence they bring discomfort upon others, and notice to self. This satisfies them, but when people begin to become concerned about them or even talk to them, those who have strong, dominant personalities then become lonely. Sometime these strong personalities types complain to others about how unfair and unchristian others are towards them.

Workers in the Lord’s kingdom get attention. It may not be anything desired, but it is attention just the same. Unfortunately, some people who do little work or, in comparison, not as much work as others complain about the ones who are working and, consequently, getting attention. Sometimes the murmurers reply with remarks like, “They run the church.” When there should be a commending spirit there is, instead, an effort to speak against it in some way.

Quiet personalities in the Lord’s kingdom do not garner as much attention as those who are more active. This is not always the case, of course, but many times it is. For some who are quiet, this is perfectly fine; for others, it is not. Generally speaking, the quiet personality type will not insert or assert themselves into the picture or work; they are not comfortable doing so. They do desire, however, to be a part of the work, and it is proper to recognize them in doing the Lord’s work.

I am (RT) oblivious to a great many things; I suppose I have developed this characteristic because of many reasons. When it comes to human interactions, I am not the most observant person around, but neither do I try to be. Perhaps I need to try to be more observant; it would certainly help me in my own walk with Christ to be responsive to the strengths and weaknesses of others. As I desire others to be responsive to mine, I need to be to theirs. Something developed over decades does not change easily – but it can change.

It may be that you are of the quiet type, the strong personality type or somewhere in between. Whatever change you desire in others, as they take notice of you, be certain it is you who make the greatest change. The place for a better me, a better church (community), a better world begins with me. RT