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Has the glory of God departed from our country? To look about us is to answer; if this country ever had God on her side (and I believe it once did), it is surely the case that He is no longer with us. Thus, it is just a matter of time before we as a country fall into ruin like greater empires than our own republic. Rome was an empire that lasted quite a long time, and what can one say about Israel? If you know history, you know the end result.

Memorial Day, however, is not a time for melancholy, but for reflection, remembrance and honoring. Those who served our country, whether in the United States Armed Forces or in some other capacity—they are to be honored for the work and sacrificing they did. Just as a young man went off to war, a young wife/mother stayed home to tend to her home/children, keeping the home-fires burning for her husband when he returned. God bless them!

For many, it was a painful occasion, even anguishing. Though I can’t relate with their anguish, I can see/read history and understand to some little degree the commitments and sacrifices made. It is most important to remind each of us that in all the conflicts of life, whether on an individual basis or nationally speaking, if one does not have the Lord, though he gives up all, he has nothing really.

In my devotional reading this morning (Wednesday), I am reminded of this with the Eli, the sons of Eli and the Lord’s prophet Samuel. Serving as God’s High Priest, Eli had a tremendous responsibility to the nation, but his responsibility toward his children was of no less importance, especially when they began to serve in their priestly duties.

While Samuel did not let any words of the Lord fall to the ground (1 Samuel 3:19), it seems apparent that all the words of the Lord fell to the ground with Eli’s sons (Phinehas and Hophni). This expression simply means that the Lord’s servants did not attempt to teach the hearts and minds of the people, but only allowed the words to fall to the ground to be walked on. The Lord would tolerate no such disrespect without a proper response. Neither will He tolerate a similar response today. brethren, let us make extra sure we are hearing and heeding the Lord’s word/will for our lives. RT