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“And I sought for a man among them, that should build up the wall, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found none” (Ezekiel 22:30, ASV).

This does not refer to any type of clothing store, as some might understand the word “gap” to refer. It does, however, refer to men and women and their dedication to the Lord. Are you a person who will stand in the gap when called upon by the Lord to do so? No doubt you consider yourself to be of that type, yet do you know what this requires?

It requires you, potentially, to stand all alone. It requires you to stand and take all sorts of verbal abuse from those who consider your thoughts and actions out of touch with reality. It requires of you, potentially, to lose all that belongs to you, even including your family.

The Lord looked out over His people and He saw no one willing to stand in the gap; the spiritual wall of protection/defense had a hole in it that allowed the forces of evil to penetrate into the souls of the people set apart by God. Even though there may have been much resistance, it was but a matter of time before the individual saint, then the collective saints were worn down by the onslaught hurled against them.

Did not the Lord send prophets to stop the bleeding (so to speak)? He certainly did, but those in position of authority, those in position of leadership seemed not to care as much as they feigned themselves and the people they did. It was their responsibility to stop the “life-source” of God from exiting the body. But, they did not, in Ezekiel 23, the Lord spoke to how bad it actually was. Two nations loved by the Lord. One nation refused the Lord’s love and was carted off into a physical and abusive captivity (Ezekiel 23:29). The other nation saw this and learned nothing from it.

Many of the Lord’s prophets did indeed stand in the gap. It was the leaders of the nation of Israel, however, who truly failed the people. The people wanted their own way of thinking to hold “sway for the day,” and a great many kings gave it to them.

The Lord needs and wants you; be sure to do what you can, and even more, to stand in the gap. RT