The obvious nature/wisdom of this remark really does not need any explanation to the thoughtful person. It is almost intuitively known. Almost. Yet, even to the Christian there needs to be some reminder about such things.

For one to find security in who he or she is, that security, if missing, can only be found in the Lord. In fact, one might have a false sense of security and, if so, then replacement surgery is crucial to one’s spiritual life.

It is a shame when God’s saint finds the opinion of another to be of greater importance than the Lord’s opinion of him (or her). The Lord’s opinion is always true and steady, never wavering (James 1:16-18).

You may have never struggled with this, but you can be sure that many do. when you notice this, comfort, exhort and be patient with them, as you desire them to apply the same to you.

Let your true honor come from the Lord; He loves you and is your security.