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Better to be of a humble spirit with the lowly, Than to divide the spoil with the proud (Proverbs 16:19, NKJV). Just as pride is a significant contribution to one’s personal destruction, the one with a humble hear that many who are will to stand alongside. With this in mind, why in the world would anything there is wisdom found with the proud in heart? It is likely there are some who think this way because that is what they want – the world, or things that are of this world!

While it is likely we know what it means to be humble, in case there might be a question about it in our own mind, let us consider the best perspective of humility known to man. The Williams New Testament Translations reads, “Stop acting from motives of selfish strife or petty ambition, but in humility practice treating one another as your superiors. Stop looking after your own interests only but practice looking out for the interests of others too. Keep on fostering the same disposition that Christ Jesus had (Philippians 2:3-5).

A word to the wise is for one to be quiet and humble than to be loud, proud and a fool, for the proud fool catches all the flies around and when the mouth sprays its stench.