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We live in a society where most express belief in God. By and large, that belief is a personal belief; this personal belief, it is thought, does not allow any other person (including a preacher) to say what is believed is wrong. Of course, all beliefs are personal to some varying degree. Personal beliefs can, however, be very much wrong. For instance…..

There are some who believe in God just like the demons, and these people are wrong in their application of what it means to believe in God. Unfortunately, many of these people call themselves Christian (cf. James 2:19)! How can a person say he is a Christian and NOT do what the Lord said? It is simple, really. One’s personal belief also redefines what a Christian is and does. Just like that which the Israelites did, these people do the same, that is, they seek to establish and walk in accordance with their own way of thinking. (Romans 9:30-10:3). Paul did not think this way (Acts 27:25; 26:19) and he certainly did not teach this way (Romans 10:17). Neither should we think we will escape God if we think and operate this way.

God Spoke on Marriage, but marriage in our society is a very confusing social contract. In truth, we live in a society that seems to hardly know what marriage is. One female to another, one male to another, one man to many women, one woman to many men. How long before a human to an animal? The Lord does not and will not regard favorable anything about what society thinks concerning marriage when it compromises His word. In the beginning God made the male and female, joining them together in communion to perpetuate the human race, thereby creating the basic foundation of a civilized community, the family (Genesis 2:21-24. Matthew 19:3-12).

God Spoke on human behavior also. Human behavior is a consequent to many contributing factors in life. What is taught, observed, responded to, developed, experienced are all contributions to one’s behavior. The best teaching known to man is that which comes from the Lord. There is absolutely no way a man, any man can improve on what the Lord provided with regard to educating a person. Human behavior for a Christian is based on a higher will than anything man can produce. It is a holy and righteous way of thinking (Romans 6:16-18).

God spoke on repentance, and many have called this God’s hardest command. I suppose it could very well be God’s hardest command when one thinks about. Consider that repentance is directly associated with one’s will (man) submitting to the will of another (God). It has been my observation that males have a more difficult time with this than the females, but whether that is the case or not, it is still the same that God demands that everyone repent of their sins (Acts 17:30-31). If one does not, then the consequences are eternally deadly. This change of thinking is easy when there is something one wants. What do YOU want?

While some think that God’s hardest command is repentance, there are many who will die in their sins before they give ground on baptism—something else that God said a good bit about. Baptism is a burial in water of a person who willingly submits to the Lord’s authority, seeking to please Him who is Lord over all of the material and non-material universe. Blessings received in this submission are the forgiveness of sins (Acts 22:16), a new set of clothes (Galatians 3:26-27), a seal of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38) and a good conscience (1 Peter 3:21). In short, if one is not baptized in accordance with the Lord’s revealed will, that one is not saved!

These are just a few topics on which the Lord spoke. Do you believe Him? Then let your mind, words and life reflect that you do. otherwise, why would you call Him, “Lord, Lord, and do not what it is that He says”? RT