Letter to Editor,

In a recent Faith & Values section of the Dispatch (8.18.2017), an article spoke of the contributions of two United Methodist “’clergywomen” made to Hillary Clinton’s recent book. They were excited to see their own thoughts published in a book that encouraged the former presidential candidate while on the strenuous 2016 campaign trail.

Their excitement is reasonable.

Though they were excited, the two clergywomen lament the “structural barriers and bias against women in ministry.” The term “structural barrier” is a very good term to express that which the Lord spoke on this matter. The structural barrier of the Lord is in the following words: “I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet” (1 Timothy 2:12).

The clergywomen said they desire that people “live in the word of God.” Would it not be a good start if they, themselves, lived in the word of God by obeying His God-ordained structural barrier?


This LTE was submitted to Columbus Dispatch on 8/18/2017, but it was not printed in the hard-copy of the newspaper, I can’t say whether or not it was posted to their webpage at all. -9.2.2017