Letter to editor

The article headline reads, “Religious leaders gather in moral opposition to Trump” (page A-5, 8/29/2017), but the article never identified exactly what moral principle or principles were compromised. There was mention of white supremacy, the president’s pardon of a sheriff, a point on transgenderism, but nothing about a moral foundation or principle violated. One Baptist preacher said, “When you identify it as a moral issue, then that’s what needs to be done” (that is, stand in opposition).

It would be much easier to stand in opposition to something on moral grounds if 1) the moral foundation transcends man, that is, is greater than man, 2) if it was known! As it is, there was nothing in the article to identify a principle or principles violated. To this point, therefore, that for which some stood opposed was nothing but a matter of opinion, and opinions are like noses…

Morality cannot originate in man and be transcendent of man at the same time. If there is a moral base, a foundation, it must be in God. So, let us now begin to discuss what is moral/not moral based on God’s revealed will.


As of 9.2.2017, the LETTER TO EDITOR has not been printed in the hard-copy of the Dispatch, though it was submitted on 8.29.2017