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The headline reads “Misbehaving politicians erode public confidence, DeWine [Ohio Attorney General] says.”

No doubt this is the case, but “witch-hunt” politicians, media and others in the community make significant contributions to the same eroding of public confidence.

All the media does is report, someone might reply. Yes, reporting they may do, but the way the story is reported or written makes a great deal of difference.

Moreover, in a secular society, standards of morality are not even extant! If there is some semblance of a moral compass, it is soon changed because someone was hurt in their feelings.


There was a day when sexual immorality was deemed wrong, and people knew why. Not anymore. Today, sexual immorality is hard to define and identify. There was a day when some knew this or that was wrong (or right), and could tell you why it was wrong (or right). People now use their opinion to determine what is right and wrong.

Chaos is now the norm.

It is reported that Andrew Jackson (Democrat) once said, “That Book [Bible] Sir, is the Rock upon which our republic rests.” Since our society no longer rests upon the Book, with the Foundation gone, soon we will be. It is the height of arrogance to think this will not occur.

Look at history.