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Do you build up, or tear down? It’s not likely you will answer this as one who tears down, but it is possible you might do both. Consider whether or not you talk to a person about your aggravation or disagreement about a third person. “Do you agree with what she did! Certainly, she had to be out of her mind to do that.”

For what good reason would you say anything like that? Is it because you want a person not privy to the situation to know how you feel, you who also happen to be unfamiliar with the specifics of the situation? No good is accomplished when you talk to someone about another person or situation, though much bad can begin to get a hold and travel much faster than anyone can do to stop it. In matters like this you actually tear down. You not only negatively affect yourself, but you negatively influence the one to whom you are speaking, when you speak about someone else. Rather than doing such things, employ the words of Jesus in the Gold-Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you (Matthew 7:12).  You can build up, then, much faster than anyone can stop, or even desire to stop. RT