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I was reading Isaiah 40 the other day when I read verse 17, wherein the Lord, through the prophet Isaiah, spoke how He looks upon the nations as nothing, less than nothing and worthless. The Lord was not speaking of the United States, but He could have certainly included us in the denunciations leveled against the idolatrous nations of Isaiah’s time. We are a nation of laws, but a nation that changes the laws to suit the whims of the people. 1) We are a nation that allows illegal immigrants to come to this country and kill a young woman, only to be exonerated for the crime. 2) We are a nation that looks upon a well-known actor (like Jim Neighbors) who was an practicing homosexual up until his passing, mourn his loss and say he is in a better place. 3) We are a nation that kills innocent children in the womb because of moral failing and political persuasion—and we continue to vote the murderers into office! 4) We are a nation that finds fault with the homosexual community, but the heterosexual community has run a-muck with the same sexual vices. 5) We are a nation that looks on alcohol as a drink of pleasure rather than what it actually is—the devil’s brew. 6)  We are a nation that has become confused concerning which bathroom should be used. 7) We are a nation that looks on legalized stealing because those who do not have should get from others what they refuse to work for. 8) We are a nation that has rejected God and all things related to His way of thinking, and what should we expect from such a rejection? As Babylon, as Egypt, as Rome, as the Medo-Persians, we, too, will fall. So, as Christians, lets us take the Lord’s banner and live the gospel of Christ, for the alternative is hopeless. This is what the Lord expects! RT