Well known atheist, Paul Davies, made a comment in 2007 that warrants repetition here. In an extended remark to the NY Times that scientists have to live by faith, he said: “Clearly, then, both religion and science are founded on faith – namely, on belief in the existence of something outside the universe, like an unexplained God or an unexplained set of physical laws.”

This is a significant remark, in my view. More than once, he said this. The evolutionary dogma of many in the world is a a matter of doctrinal faith; thus, those scientist who challenge this faith are on the verge of being “change agents” and, consequently, apostatizing from the faith of atheistic evolutionary origins.

It seems to e this a great opportunity to see (debate) which one’s faith system is more credible. RT

Source of quote is from Jeff Miller in “Does God Exist?” Apologetics Press, Montgomery, AL, pp. 64-65 (2018)