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Because the ACLU (and similar groups) reject God, such sentiments like Daniel Webster’s fall to the ground like a mother’s tears. He once wrote, “There is nothing we look for with more certainty tha[n] this principle, that Christianity is a part of the law of the land. Everything declares it” (The Christian Life and Character of Civil Institutions of the United States, p. 245). There are many groups who reject God, such as the one identified (their denials not withstanding).

Rejecting God, such groups insist on secularism that generates little accountability that has any ultimate consequence. Thus, a deranged person thinks he (she) has nothing to lose when there is engagement in evil. Under the Lord’s way of thinking, there is only one penalty if conviction results. Under the way of thinking in this country, ambulance chasers instill doubt. With little accountability and no purpose or meaning in life, one takes a gun and levels all who stand at the other end of its barrel – for secularism’s philosophy (progressives/liberals) generate such an outlook. RT