In the mind of a child is written such things as love, confusion, certainty, stubbornness, curiosity, selfishness and dependence. All these things are in the mind of a child; unfortunately, in this respect, the mind of a child often follows, then resides in the mind of an adult today. Jesus said to those who prevented the children from coming to Him, “Let the children come to me…” The Lord knew the innocence, immaturity and love that children exhibit. He wants to maintain the innocence to the evil in the world because one chooses not to experience it, but stay on the narrow path; He wants to take the immature and turn that immaturity into a mature understanding of one’s spiritual health, well-being; He can do all this if the love from early on stays strong.

These ways of thinking wrapped in the mind of a child, Jesus can flesh out and correct, modify and eliminate. As parents, guardians and mature adults, we can help the children in these areas. Children are precious, and is it not a blessing in a local congregation when there are many children? I certainly think it is. As adults, allowing the Lord’s maturity being our own, we can make positive contributions to the maturation of children. RT