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Jesus said to his disciples to be on guard when around the religious teachers of the community (Mark 8:15), but the disciples had their minds in another direction, so when Jesus gave His warning, they thought He had something else in mind. He did have something in mind, but it was not at all related to what the disciples thought. Many times, one’s mind can be in a different world than in the one that is immediately in front. This was the case with Jesus’s apostles. So, in tune were they with the necessities of their immediate circumstances, they failed to understand a great point. We find ourselves in the same location frequently. We have eyes to see, but the blue dress we never saw because the hair on the females we are looking at was so interesting (mesmerizing, dumb-founding), we saw nothing else. That which is in front of us is a world of chaos, a chaos that is hardly seen because it is normal, and we have learned to navigates its obstacles. In all the chaos and obstacles presented, Jesus asks us if we have eyes to see and ears to hear, because what we see is confusion, and we certainly hear from as many people as we see the varied philosophies of life that each are certain will land them in the eternal bliss of heaven. Yet, have we heard Jesus?