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     Your heart is a faithful instrument your body needs to live from day to day, in fact, it is a faithful muscle that allows us to live from moment to moment. The other day I heard John Shannon make a remark along this line; it impressed me a great deal. On Wednesday, when it was my turn to give the invitation, I did a pitiful job at trying to convey what he said. So bad was it, I thought I might do better in a brief bulletin article.

     Without a faithful heart meeting the task the Lord designed for it, no one would survive. It is a muscle that pulls it weight and then some! With the heart, life is maintained because the heart pumps the blood of life throughout the body, the blood carries the nutrients necessary for health and oxygen for the body to survive. According to one source, the heart is about the size of a fist, weighs less than 15 ounces and beats about 100,000 times a day. When you are sitting down it is beating. When you are asleep it is beating. When you are exerting much energy it is beating. When you are resting from that exertion it is beating. The heart is a faithful muscle the Lord gave to each of us for the physical life we have. If the heart is overworked one has high blood pressure, and that brings to one its own physical complication. Is there such a thing as an underworked heart? If so, it can’t be good! A heart that is underworked or overworked is not one that places us in the best position for a long life. A properly working heart, however, is a benefit we can’t live without.

    Consider our walk with the Lord. Are we as faithful to the Lord as our heart is to us? I suspect, that each of us can say to some degree, “I have failed in that area.” If that is so, then consider the Lord’s mercy toward us as we have opportunity to read these words and reflect on that. If our walk with the Lord is as faithful as our physical muscle (heart) is to the body, think how strong each of us would be spiritually, and then add that number to the whole of the congregation, considering how spiritually strong the congregation would be! I can only imagine. Our heart is not strong when our anger issues surface, when our minds wonder from loyalty to a spouse to another person, when one gives little to the Lord in time and means, when one talks out of turn (talking about another to a third person), and when our attendance lags.

     Our heart is strong, on the other hand, when one is able to suppress the anger that boils to the top, when loyalty to a spouse is never challenged by an outside source, when the words that come from our mouth are biblical and build up people, when you give of your precious time to the Lord’s body and generous in your support to His cause and you walk alongside others in attendance.

     I may not be as strong as a farmer, construction worker or a mother, but if my heart is strong, then I am in a good position to live a productive life. In the same way, spiritually, if my heart (mind) is faithful (strong) to the Lord and His ways, then my life is blessed and His reward is waiting for me because my reward is His holiness. RT