Why did he think it was okay to take Jesus aside and try to prevent Him from going to Jerusalem? From Peter’s perspective this was not the only option available for the “Christ of God”? Before we criticize Peter, ask yourself the same two questions.

What in the world am I thinking when I place myself at the head of the ship I am navigating in this world? “I don’t do that!” Really? Consider, then, whether or not you cast all your anxieties on Him (1 Peter 5:7), have you done so? If so, do you believe He is the solution to those worries, and are you patient enough to allow His solutions to be yours?

Why do we think it’s okay to say to Jesus (and anyone else) that I truly have the love of Jesus in my heart even if my actions might allow someone to wonder whether this is so or not? We know that we should attend with the saints, but I am very sleepy, and I only got three hours of sleep last night because of ______ (fill in the blank); Jesus understands. We know we need to be on guard against Satan, he is an adversarial lawyer and seeks to devour us. We justify our approach that nothing is going to happen as we watch this television program full of violence, sex and misbehavior – it’s only fictional. We fail (on purpose?) to give thought or remember the programming we watch infiltrates minds and sows’ seeds.

What was Peter thinking? Whatever it was, the Lord put Peter’s thinking in the proper place when he said to him, in the presence of all, “Get behind me Satan!”

The point is that Peter was not thinking clearly, and neither are we along these same lines.