What is the foundation of society? It starts with law, God’s Law and moral foundation. Then, it begins with His creation of a person, a person who can generate physical descendents after him, but this can’t be done without another person of the opposite sex. In the Garden of Eden, the Lord created the male and the female. With these two, as He brought them together, the Lord set in motion the foundation of society.

From the union of the male and the female comes children. The foundation begins with two, then three, four, five, etc. With this foundation there are roles; people have roles within the family and within the larger section of the community. The roles assigned by God to the male and female are thus: the head of the family is the male/husband/father with the female/wife/mother in support of her husband and in submission. This submission is NOT a relegated subservient role, but a role every bit as important as the role the male serves as the head. It is to the wife/mother the Lord charged the female to raise her family. Think about it for a moment. Who has the greatest influence in the family? They both have great influence, but it is the mother who wields the most. If the family is raised after the pattern of the Lord, the influence can’t be any other way. She who rocks the cradle has the greatest impact on society!

In today’s environment this is not readily accepted. It is not accepted because society has rejected the ways of the Lord. Many in society desire to usurp God-ordained roles, to relegate the children to daycare and to have careers for themselves and teach their children to tend to themselves with electronic toys and things of this sort. Husbands, if not for the male instincts created by the Lord , would hardly know what to do in a very confused world. Wives have become very confused also. They are to have a career, have a model-looking appearance, bare children (if wanted) and, if necessary, kill them if they get in the way!

Today, in a secular-oriented world, there is no need for marriage and commitment; all one needs is to have a live-in-arrangement. If that does not work, then let us be confused more by having two people of the same sex living together as if the two were married, if that is not good enough let us have people confess their confusion with regard to gender.

Yes, our liberal/progressive society is plagued by the evils of Satan. The foundation of society is now crumbling. If not for traditional folk, it would be all but gone. It’s starting to wear on them, however, because many of them are having the moral compass by which they live chipped away.

O’ Lord, come! RT