The Proverbs of Solomon. The memory of the righteous is blessed; But the name of the wicked shall rot (Proverbs 10:7 ASV). Sometimes all we have left are the memories. The memories of my dad, your mother, our best friends. If one were to ask, what is the greatest memory that you have of those who have gone on to their reward, what would you say? With regard to your father, would you say he was there when times were physically tough? What about your mother? There is something about a mom that a dad can never fill, try as he might. Perhaps in your family, your dad was the firm, steady hand that corrected the ship when it got off course. It was that way in my family. My mom, on the other hand, always had a role on the ship’s direction, but her role was more in smoothing out the tempestuous seas of the trip. Maybe an over-powering memory in your life was not a good one at all. Perhaps your father or your sibling was something of a scoundrel. The influence they left on you is one you would like to forget. Quite unfortunate, but one that many have when they think of some family members. What memory will people have of you? Will they remember you as a good teacher, administrator, preacher? Let them remember you as one who lived righteously, made a difference with the words spoken and made an impact in life that is immeasurable