When I obeyed the Gospel of Christ in 1983 (New Mexico), I was on fire! Being on fire can be a good thing, or not. With me, it was a little bit of both. On fire for the Lord meant that I soaked up what I could learn, but on fire for the Lord, in my case, meant I turned over many fragile vases and was unable to glue them back together.

Since that time, it has been me desire, with all my manifold failings, to know the Lord and His way; more than just know it, also to teach it. I have been teaching in one capacity or another since 1989. I have learned much. I went from one extreme, but not quite to the other. I was once a radical in the movement associated with New Testament Christianity; I am no longer there. I never gave any consideration to going to the other extreme of being a radical on the left (no substance), but neither did I progress from radical conservative to anything remote considered liberal Christianity.

I have moderated, however. In New Testament studies, I am clearly a conservative and a very aggressive conservative. I strongly believe in my way of thinking (who of us don’t) and I seek to promote it when and where I can. In this approach, I do what I can to exhibit charity (Matt. 7:12).

Still, there are some in the radical right who look upon me as being associated with false teachers. I don’t care! There is not an ounce of truth in it – but I don’t care. I will stay with what the Lord expressly wrote, teach it, defend it and call upon others to walk along with me in it. If I am wrong, another will call me out and we can study together. If you are wrong, I will try to do the same.

It was Paul who wrote to the saints in Ephesus about speaking the truth in love. I hope that is what we all do.