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In an evolutionary world, in the secular world in which we live – what roles do the males and females have? In such a world as this, the one who is stronger determines what roles each play. It can be no other way!

Survival of the fittest (or strongest).

Nature? What about nature? Nature allows certain things, but authorizes not a single thing. Nature is not authoritative in an evolutionary and secular world, except to say things left to themselves rundown, get old and rusty, decay. It’s neutral and has no stake in the game because, from the godless perspective, it cares not one single bit.

The strong eat (metaphorically or literal) all who get in the way.

There is no good reason for the female to be treated kindly, gently and with respect. What about children or the infirmed? If you say there is, what is that reason? Once you identify the reason or reasons, from what source of authority do they come? “It perpetuates life” you say. So? Does that or should that matter to a person in an evolutionary and secular world when might makes right?

Not even a little bit.

In an evolutionary and secular world might makes right; the only role that is king is the one who rules.

This is the world in which you live. It permeates Europe and the western world. It is beginning to get a hold in the United States. One political party is promoting it with their godless agenda.